Sonntag, 6. November 2016

Colors {Layout with Tutorial}

Whoop, whoop! The foricecreamiscream train is bringing you this new layout made for Scrapbook Werkstatt and their inspirational gallery; the tutorial is written in German ( click here) but I'm going to write a pictorial process here in English below:

1) Grab the materials you want to use! I went with fabulous Take Me Away by Pink Paislee (Paige Evans). I swear that woman just has the same taste in colors as I do.

2) I decided to make a grid design and cut that gorgeous paper with the squares!

3) I cut a bunch but I just needed those I put down on this layout. I decided to go with a 3x3 grid.

4) As soon as I was sure where I wanted my colors to be, I grabbed a pen and traced the lines. We will need to do that to know where to apply the paint later.

5) As soon as all squares were traced, I went ahead and grabbed my gelatos and acrylics, going around the edges and a little above; so the color is still visible. You decide how thick you want your frames to be! Don't forget to apply water or rub the pigments of the gelatos in. :)

6) Some colors make more sense to combine; I wanted my frames to pop, that's why I made sure that I wouldn't mix a pink frame with a pink square. But you can do whatever you want; mixing the same colors will just give you a more settled look, that's completely fine, too!

7) Just add embellishments. That's the most fun part, right? 

Pink Paislee: Moonstruck {SOON}

Soon, soon, very soon am I going to have THIS tattoo on my left wrist. It's the silhouette of Hogwarts, but my idea was actually to make it look like a heartbeat; and the silhouette coming out of the typical beeep beeep lines. You know what I mean? Me and explaining, I know...

So for this layout I decided to paint a galaxy background. It matches the whole collection and I wish Pink Paislee (or anyone else for that matter) would finally come up with a galaxy background. It's so hype! Gotta jump on that train and ride with it! I used watercolors for this, by the way.

Pink Paislee: Moonstruck {Smile}

You already know it, right? Yeah, yeah. MOONSTRUCK. I am moonstruck. I love Pink Paislee for bringing out this beautiful, beautiful enchanting line.

I fussy cut the florals from one paper and embellished the rest very with simple elements; everything I used was found in the collection, I didn't use anything from another.

Pink Paislee: Moonstruck {awesome}

Hey guys! I was lucky enough to get the gorgeous Moonstruck collection by Pink Paislee to play with; I can't explain how enchanting I think this collection is. It reminds me of a modern Harry Potter line and that's why you'll find that I pick up on that magical atmosphere that Moonstruck tries to convey (in my humble opinion). We all need some magic in our lives, don't we?

Here are some more details. I think this layout works best seeing the details.

Look at the colors! That enchanting dark blue with the gold, the star and moon background, urgh! I AM DYING OVER HERE, GUYS!

As you can see, I used a bunch of structure paste. You know, the moon itself is very structured, isn't it? So I thought I would give this layout a little more dimension. I used a very sandy white structure paste and combined it with crushed coral by shimmerz. It's downright awesome, you won't't believe how much it shines until you have it.

I really like how the blue foil shines and lights up when the light hits it; it just gives this extra nice atmosphere and mysteriousness.

I must admit that I am in love with how this layout turned out. Thanks for joining me today! 

Hello Fall

Ode to fall! Fall is my favorite season. I love those bright colors. I don't even mind the reds during that season! Even though red is my least favorite color. Here's my layout created for Hip Kit Club. There's also a process video on my YouTube channel, just click here .

Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2016


Sooo! Hip Kit Club gave me quite the challenging task with this. Why? Because I had to keep three things in mind while creating this: Supersizing something, using the theme "Family", and bringing in some Mixed Media! Oh yeah, that's a lot to mind. BUT I loved the challenge - it was interesting and made me learn about myself. There's also a process video here and a larger Blogpost here.

Take Me Away

Yay, my first official October Kit Post for Hip Kit Club was with this fun layout:

As soon as I laid hands on the WRMK Honey I'm Home ephemera and saw those circles, I knew that I wanted to make balloons out of them. This layout is about how you're spending time with a person that is dear to you, and how they take you away from your worries about everyday life - it's just about fun and the joy of life! There's also a process video for this one, so go check foricecreamiscream  on YouTube.